Bipolar Disorder

Mania is literally the polar opposite of depression. You may have a ton of energy, feel very focused and motivated, and feel fantastic about yourself. However, mania is also the epitome of the expression “too much of a good thing.” Your thoughts may become so numerous that you can’t organize them. You may take on too many tasks and then later be unable to complete them. You may be so impulsive that you make poor decisions with money, drugs or alcohol, or sexual activity. Mania is disruptive and often is followed by depression. While shifts in mood are normal, these kinds of drastic highs and lows are not, and together we will come up with a plan keep your overall mood more even.



Medication is not for everyone and as a psychologist, it is not my first line of defense. However, for many, medication is like being given a lifejacket when you are drowning. It saves you from sinking and lets you breath so you can begin to learn how to swim on your own. If you are drowning, it will be hard for you to learn the skills to “swim” in therapy. I do not prescribe medication,  but I work with you to find a prescriber, whether it is your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist, and I will collaborate with that person.

For more on medication, see Medication Myths.