Background and Approach to Therapy

Born and raised in Western NY, I spent my early career working in South Boston in various supportive housing locations for folks with chronic mental illness. Graduate school took me to the Midwest and then Rocky Mountain west, a natural playground for my love of all things outdoors and photography. I moved back to the Boston area in May 2015 and brought with me a Massachusetts-born partner, a precocious daughter and amazingly sweet dog, whose name happens to be Boston. A year later we welcomed our second daughter.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and my approach to treatment is centered on creating a safe and collaborative environment for those who are seeking help. I am interested in hearing your story and working together to outline a set of goals that will create structure for our work. I take tremendous pleasure in my work and I consider my approach to care integrative and flexible. I will work hard to ensure that your experience with therapy is a good fit for you.

Depending on what your goals are, we might discuss how your past experiences in relationships or with family are impacting you today, or we may just focus on skills and behaviors for the here and now. I believe in the concept that there is a continuum of health, and while at one level a behavior, thought or feeling can feel healthy, at another level this same thought, feeling or behavior can be experienced as problematic. Part of our work together may be determining what is feeling problematic to you, and how we can shift your experiences so that they are more in line with the life you would like to be living. I enjoy drawing upon each individual’s existing strengths and empowering people to make the changes they see as necessary for themselves.

Finally, I strive to be mindful of the socio-cultural context of each individual. Our unique backgrounds and experiences make us who we are, and also can have a profound impact on our psychological functioning. I am committed to learning about how your unique experiences and cultural background influence your worldview and I am mindful of this as I tailor your therapeutic experience.


Elmira College, B. A. Psychology, 2003
University of Missouri-Kansas City, M.A. Counseling and Guidance, 2009
University of Utah Counseling Center, Pre-doctoral Internship, 2011-2012
University of Missouri-Kansas City, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, 2012